The Five Most Common (and Popular) Epoxy Floors & Coatings.

Betterseal knows about the latest trends and styles as an expert in epoxy floors. We understand what people want and why. This is why we are happy to showcase to you the five most common, and in some way, the most popular, epoxy floors and coatings that clients ask from us. Once reading this, you will be able to notice these types of floors at any business, commercial enterprise, or household.

Five Most Common Epoxy Floors & Coatings

    • Epoxy Flaked Floors.

When it comes to style and design, epoxy flake floors are the ones that people choose. This type of coating means mixing epoxy coatings with multi-coloured chips and flakes to create a stylish design. A decorative finish that is very popular with many households and businesses.

    • Self-Dispersing Epoxy.

This type of epoxy flooring is essential for workplaces thanks to its extra durability in handling heavy vehicles and foot traffic. It has good mechanical strength thanks to the self-dispersing layer of quartz sand that is applied to the coating.

    • Mortar Epoxy Coatings.

Similar to self-dispersing epoxy floors, mortar floors are built in a similar vein: it is meant to withstand heavy industries. The difference is that it is much stronger than the self-dispersing option. More so, it is used as the prelude to repairing cracks before laying on other epoxy floors.

    • Self-Levelling Epoxy Coating.

This is a smooth and shiny coating that is applied to older concrete floors, adding style, shine, and strength to the epoxy floors. It is widespread for rooms, including garages, storage places, office buildings, kitchens, and even dining rooms. They are straightforward to install over old floors.

  • Graveled Coatings.

If you are looking to have a logo or your brand layered onto the floors, then this is the type of epoxy flooring coating that you should be going for. Considered the most popular thanks to its decorative options and creative variety.

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