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    The different types of Epoxy Flooring

    Epoxy floors are very popular for many businesses, not just because of their durable materials and long-lasting results, but also because of their wide range of flooring options. Listed below are the different types of epoxy floors available:

    The Artistic:

    The process involves the application procedure that all other epoxy floors have. The only difference is that you can use a host of different colours to create any floor colour combination that you want.

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    The Flakes:

    Epoxy flakes are small, tiny pieces that are spread across the floor, giving them a stylish and different look. You can mix and match with a host of different colours for both the floor and the flakes.

    The Designer:

    This type of coating will make your floor look like a shiny mirror. It will bring out the best in your workplace through this mirror-like influence.

    The Grind & Seal:

    The most common process and choice. This process involves grinding down the concrete floor and applying a few layers of epoxy on the surface. Very common because it can transform your ugly old floor to a brand new one.

    The Garage/Warehouse Set:

    More layers are applied in this process to ensure longer-lasting wear and tear. This floor is best for garages and warehouses that face plenty of consistent high level vehicle and foot traffic. This will make it last longer, as well make it safer.

    The Safety Net:

    Adding safety lines and markings, this type of floor is great for workplaces that want to make it safe for workers. They can painted and aligned in any way you want, and in bright colours too, to ensure clear visibility.