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    Epoxy Flooring in Mornington

    Epoxy Flooring is a type of flooring system where multiple layers of epoxy are applied to a cemented floor as a form of protection and decoration. The depth of these layers is usually at least two millimetres.

    The epoxy used in such flooring is a mix of polymer resins that hardens after application on the floor and creates a durable and shiny surface that brightens the space.

    Epoxy flooring is usually applied for industrial or commercial purposes. However, it has recently been used in homes and public spaces for enhancing aesthetics.

    It is so because, with flooring in Mornington, you have the freedom to choose patterns, colours, and swirls as per your need.

    Epoxy Flooring Mornington

    Epoxy Flooring Service

    How Does Our Team Install The Epoxy Flooring In Your Space?

    When you contact us, our team follow the below-mentioned procedure for installing epoxy Flooring;

    • Our team visited your site and provided you with an estimate.
    • Prepare the floor to remove other coatings so that epoxy works well.
    • Clean the floor to ensure it’s free of dust, oil stains, rubber marks and skits.
    • Level out the floor for any holes, bumps and cracks.
    • Epoxy Primer is applied just like regular paint.
    • After the primer dries up, an epoxy finish is applied.
    • In the final step, the floor is brushed for a smooth finish.

    Why Do You Need Epoxy Flooring in Mornington?

    Epoxy flooring is applied for both personal and industrial purposes for the following reasons;

    • Durable And Long Lasting

    Due to its polymer resins, epoxy flooring is one of the strongest and most durable solutions for your floor. The material, after application, hardens up and bonds seamlessly to the floor, making the surface highly durable and long-lasting.
    The epoxy flooring is so durable that it can resist any wear and tear. It can even withstand the constant movement of vehicles, industrial machinery and forklifts.

    • Easy To Clean

    Epoxy Flooring has a smooth and completely sealed surface, hence easy to clean. In fact, you just need warm soapy water to clean the floor. It saves you a lot of time, effort and money.

    • Anti Slip Qualities

    Another reason to install epoxy flooring in Mornington is that it’s safe and secure. The epoxy coating has an anti-slip quality that helps in easy movement. Hence, you can easily avoid any accidents in your space.

    • Rage Of Options

    You can apply epoxy flooring as per your space aesthetics and need, as the flooring offers a range of options for colours, patterns, and textures. Such a variety of styles can suit any space, including commercial, industrial and home.

    • Cost Effective

    The durability of the epoxy flooring in Mornington makes it a cost-effective solution in the long run, as you need not replace it for many years. Moreover, you save money on vehicle and machinery repair due to less damage and on cleaning the space.

    Our Services for Flooring in Mornington

    Our team has satisfied customers for the past 15 years with our exceptional work in epoxy flooring applications. Our team is full of working professionals with expertise in their work.

    Such expertise and knowledge provide you with the right solution for your problem.

    So, when choosing a specialist for epoxy flooring in Mornington, Betterseal is the name in the flooring industry that many businesses and people opt for.

    With high-grade equipment and industry expertise, we serve all over Melbourne. Our team will provide you with the best solution for your epoxy flooring needs while working during your business hours. Hence, whether it’s a weekend, holiday or evening, we are ready to serve you.

    Moreover, we offer you a range of colours, patterns and textures for epoxy flooring in Mornington. With these options, you can design the floor per your needs.

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