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    Additional Services

    Here at Betteseal, we are not just professionals in epoxy flooring; thanks to our extensive learning and dedication to new skills, we offer extra concrete and floor services that you can call upon. These are some of the other services we offer, just click on them for more information:

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    • Concrete Repairs:
      We understand that sometimes you don’t need the complete floor redone, you just need a small section. That’s why we offer concrete repair services, where we can fix any and all damaged concrete floors.

    • Concrete Coating:
      Our coating services are not strictly limited to epoxy. We have other concrete coatings available that will guarantee that your floors remain in perfect condition. Talk to us about our selections, and we will be able to help you with all your problems.

    • Joint Caulking:
      An effective method to keep your floors and wall protected from dirt, moisture and water is to caulk the joints. This process not only offers protection, but also guarantees long-lasting effective results and a durable lifespan.

    For more information about these other services, please click on the links. If you are interested in undertaking any of these extra services, contact us today. You can reach Jeremy directly on 0411 487 331, email us on bettaseal@gmail or fill out our contact form.