Our Epoxy Flooring Process

Epoxy floors are an effective and useful application that will not only enhance the longevity of your floor life, but also remain strong and durable against spills, accidents and high level floor or vehicle traffic. Ideal for commercial and industrial workplaces of all kinds, this process is affordable and valuable, and can be successful completed in a few days (depending on how large the area you need covered), so it will not hamper your workflow. It is our motto here at Betterseal to provide our clients with all the information they need about epoxy floors.

That is why for the many clients who don’t know how epoxy flooring is applied,

We have broken down a guide to how we install the strong and durable material to your floor.

Step 1: Floor/Site Preparation

  • Prepare the floor and ensure there are no other floor coatings on it. Epoxy doesn’t work well with other coatings, so they will have to be removed before the application.
  • Clean the floor to its immaculate best. Ensure there are no dirt, rubber marks and skits, or oil stains left. Wash it over plenty of times and wait until it is dry.

Step 2: Level the Concrete

  • Shot blast the concrete floor to create a rough surface that will allow the epoxy coating to go deep within the concrete.

  • Grind the concrete floor and level out any holes, bumps, and cracks to guarantee an easier application.

  • Patch up any holes to complete a flat surface

Step 3: Begin the Epoxy Application

  • The first layer of epoxy is applied, which is called the epoxy primer. It is applied just like regular paint and need several hours to dry and settle.

Step 4: Epoxy Installation

  • Once the primer has dried up, it is time lay out and applied the epoxy finisher, depending on the type of epoxy coating you want. Check out the types of epoxy coatings that we offer.

  • This is a slow burning process to ensure that all the finisher is equally and effectively applied.

  • It is here that you can apply the type of flooring you want. Check out the types of epoxy floorings we offer.

  • Wait for several hours for the epoxy finisher to dry up and settle.

Step 5: Top Coating

  • After the drying is completed, the floor is brushed and swept to guarantee a smooth finish.

  • A final top coating is applied to create a shiny and solid look.

If you are ready to see our professional team create your dream epoxy floors, then please contact us today. You can reach Jeremy on 0411 487 331, email us on bettaseal@gmail or fill out our contact form.

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