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Epoxy Flooring and its popularity

If you go to any workplace today, whether it is a warehouse, an office or a construction, you will notice the floors that are all quite similar. These floors are known as epoxy floors, and they have become one of [...]

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Advantages of Epoxy Flooring

If you want a tough, durable, and long-lasting floor coating that looks clean and is easy to maintain, there is no looking past epoxy flooring. These are just a few of the positives of installing a coating of epoxy floors [...]

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Types of Epoxy Coating

Epoxy floors and epoxy coatings are becoming increasingly popular for many commercial and industrial enterprises. Barring the obvious positives of having such high-quality, easy-to-maintain and safe floors, there is also the added guarantee for long-term durability. Here at BetterSeal Australia, [...]

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Our Epoxy Flooring Process

Epoxy floors are an effective and useful application that will not only enhance the longevity of your floor life, but also remain strong and durable against spills, accidents and high level floor or vehicle traffic. Ideal for commercial and industrial [...]

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The different types of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy floors are very popular for many businesses, not just because of their durable materials and long-lasting results, but also because of their wide range of flooring options. Listed below are the different types of epoxy floors available: The Artistic: [...]

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