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    Industrial and commercial enterprises throughout Melbourne have always come to us thanks to our work in epoxy flooring and coatings. Epoxy coatings and floors benefit businesses thanks to their durable, chemical resistant, easy maintenance, long-lasting sustainability, and cost-effective materials.

    They can be applied to any floor type, including bare and sealed concrete. With a wide range of color, pattern, and style selections available, we can outlay and create the epoxy floor specifically designed for your workplace, whether it’s a warehouse, a chemical plant, an office, or a retail store.

    epoxy flooring in melbourne

    epoxy flooring in melbourne

    What is epoxy flooring?

    A combined mix of hardeners and resins, it provides a strong, slick and durable coating for floors. Great for withstand years of wear and tear, epoxy floors are ideal for workplaces of all sorts.

    Melbourne’s Epoxy Flooring & Coating Specialists

    That is the type of specialists you are dealing with. Epoxy floor coating prevent concrete dust, making clean-up an easy application include:

    • Roll-on
    • Spray-on
    • Trowel-on
    • Lay up systems
    • Anti-slip

    Benefits of Epoxy Flooring – Why Choose Epoxy?

    Epoxy floors are a very popular and common floor coating for businesses. Made up of hardeners and resins, epoxy is applied to floors and over time, harden to become a strong, durable coating. There are many benefits to epoxy flooring that businesses might not know, which is why Betterseal has listed down these benefits for you.

    • Strong Material.
      It is a strong and durable coating meaning it lasts longer than other coatings. You can use it for years and years.
    • Wear and Tear Resistant.
      It is resistant to wear and tear and high level of traffics – both vehicle and foot
    • No Chemical Problems.
      Resistant to chemical and non-chemical spills and accidents. Chemicals will not damage the floor in any way
    • Safe for All.
      The floor is safe for everyone. It’s anti-slip material means that it can hold on against its whole and is safe for people to walk or drive over.
    • Quick & Simple to Install.
      It is easy to install. It does not take a long time to install and the payoff is worth it.
    • Visually Appealing.
      Epoxy coating comes in a host of different colours and styles, so you can have your floor anyway you want.
    • Easy to Clean.
      Due to its strength and resistant to most factors, it requires minimal time to clean.
    • Great for the Environment.
      Thanks to its strength, the ease of cleaning, once installed, epoxy floors are great for the environment and will not affect it.
    • Affordable.
      Worth the value, epoxy floors are an one-time investment. Once installed, it will last the distance and prove to be a successful long-time investment with the amount of money you will save.

    As specialists in epoxy floors, you can witness this beneficial process firsthand when you contact Betterseal. For effective epoxy services, contact Betterseal today on 0411 487 331 or email us on bettaseal@gmail.com.