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    Epoxy Flooring Malvern

    We are one of the best options you have when it comes to epoxy flooring in Malvern. Our team has fifteen years of experience, with expertise in all areas of epoxy floor coating application and supply jobs. Every team member is trained in particular skills to provide you with excellent results.
    The range of professional services we offer for epoxy flooring makes us stand out.

    • Our expert team can work on all types of floors, including large industrial and commercial spaces, high-traffic areas, and homes. No space is big or small for us.
    • We have a wide range of epoxy flooring options, including varied colours, numerous textures and designs.
    • We work as per your schedule. So, whether it is evening hours, afternoon or early morning, our expert team is at your service.

    epoxy flooring malvern

    epoxy flooring in malvern

    Applications and Advantages of Epoxy Flooring in Malvern

    Compared to other traditional flooring options, epoxy flooring is trendy these days. In fact, it is the most common flooring option for all industrial, commercial, and home spaces.

    Epoxy flooring in Malvern is widely preferred due to its durability and easy application. Besides, there are numerous other advantages of applying epoxy coating, which include;

    Resistant To Wear And Tear

    Once applied on the floor, epoxy coating is so durable that it can bear any wear and tear. It easily handles vehicle movement, heavy machinery movement and all other load types without getting damaged.

    Resistant To All Kind Of Spills

    Whether a chemical, non-chemical, or any other liquid, epoxy coating resists spills. No spill can damage your epoxy floor coating.

    Highly Strong And Durable

    The most significant advantage of opting for epoxy flooring in Malvern is its durability and robustness. This means that once applied, it last longer for years and years. Hence saving you a lot of time and money.

    Has Anti-slip Properties

    With epoxy flooring, you need not worry about any slip accident, as it’s slip resistant. You can safely walk or drive without working about any slip accidents.

    Is Visually Appealing

    You can choose the colour, texture and pattern per your space aesthetics needs. The rage of such options makes the epoxy flooring visually appealing.

    Easy To Maintain

    Expoy flooring is effortless to clean and requires hardly any maintenance. It is due to its resistance to wear and tear and all kinds of spills.

    Is Affordable

    Spending on epoxy flooring is a one-time investment as it lasts years and is easy to maintain. Once installed, you need not spend anything on its repair and maintenance.

    Types of Epoxy Flooring

    We at Beeterseals offer you a range of options for different types of epoxy flooring, which include;

    Garage Epoxy Flooring

    Garage epoxy flooring is the best option if you have a garage and parking space. Such flooring is durable and resistant to all wear and tear.

    Flake Flooring

    Flake flooring brings uniqueness to your floor with its colourful flakes spread on the floor. This makes your floor look stylish.

    Safety Net Flooring

    Safety Net flooring is generally applied in workplaces where safety is a huge concern. Safety lines are added to the epoxy coating to make the floor safe. This avoids slips.

    Artistic Epoxy Flooring

    This epoxy flooring is an excellent option for people concerned more about the floor’s aesthetics. You have options to apply a range of colours, textures and styles.

    What We Do?

    Once you opt for our epoxy flooring service, our team of experts will work in the following way to apply epoxy floor coating;

    First, our team removes any existing layers and deeply cleans the floor. This ensures the floor is free from dust and stain.

    Second, we level out all the holes or bums in the floor. This helps in the easy application f the flooring.

    Third, our team applies the first layer of epoxy coating, and subsequent layers are applied.

    Lastly, the final epoxy coating is applied to give the floor a visually appealing look after drying up the base layer.

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