Betterseal’s Concrete Polishing Process

Concrete floors are great when they are polished. There are many benefits of having your polished (which you read here), but there is a process in how it is done.

Betterseal wants to show the process of how easy it is to have your concrete floors polished to perfection.

Step 1: Contact Us.

You begin by contacting us and providing us will the all vital information about what you need completed and when. We will then organise an appointment to come down and assess your situation.

Step 2: Appointment & Inspection.

During our appointment, we will complete an inspection and provide you with a thorough plan and quote about our service. If you are happy with it, we begin the work.

Step 3: Grind down the Floor.

If the floor is uneven or broken, we will begin to level it out by grinding it down so that it is all the same level. This will be done two to four times to ensure a flat and solid surface.

Step 4: Harden the Floor.

Using high quality liquids and hardeners, we apply it to your floors to ensure a smooth and slick finish.

Step 5: Polishing Begins.

Depending on what you want, we begin polishing your floors to the shine and level you want or require for your work. This process will take time and will vary depending on your workplace an situation.

Step 6: Wait & Return.

For a floor to truly harden, it will take up to a month, but you can still use it. So do not worry about ruining it, your floor will remain in tip top condition till then.

As professionals in polishing concrete floors, you can witness this beneficial process firsthand when you contact Betterseal. For effective and efficient polishing concrete floor services, contact Betterseal today on 0411 487 331 or email us on

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