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    Four Most Popular

    When it comes to epoxy floor coatings, there are an array of styles and trends that businesses go after. As experts in the field of epoxy flooring coating, we know which brands are popular and which are not too flashy. That is why we have listed down the four most popular epoxy flooring coatings that businesses love to have. We begin with the one that you would see in many offices…

    Flake Floors Coating.

    You know that floor that looks like it has specks and spots all over it? Well, that’s epoxy flake floors. This is a prevalent option for many businesses because it provide them with an array of different colouring styles and options. This process involves the mixing of a clear colour with multi-coloured chips and flakes to create a stylish and colourful floor design.

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    Gravelled Floor Coating.

    When it comes to offices, they don’t go past the gravelled floor coating. This is because with this flooring option, you can apply a logo, brands or printed symbols on it. With a huge range of creativity available with these options, you can be sure that you will get the flooring design that you want.

    Self Dispersing Coating.

    This is a very popular option for industrial workplaces and commercial areas that have a high level of foot and vehicle traffic. Once the initial layer of epoxy has been applied, a self dispersing layer of quartz sand is applied on top. This will provide the coating with extra strength and will make it durable against the likes of foot and vehicles.

    Self Levelling Coating.

    This option is very popular for garages, storage, kitchens and even offices. This type of coating is smooth and shiny, that is merely applied to old and worn out concrete floors. This will add a trifecta of strength, shine and style to the rooms that you apply it to. A simple and effective installation process too.