Why Epoxy Flooring Is The Best Choice For Your Garage

The garage is where the floors are exposed to the most wear and tear. This is where you might park your car, use power tools, carry and move around heavy objects, and where all sorts of chemicals and oils are often spilled.

Only two main floor types are suitable for garage spaces because general flooring solutions such as hardwood, tiles, and laminates just won’t make the cut. Polished concrete and epoxy flooring are your two main options, and out of these two solutions, epoxy is probably the best option for all the following reasons.

Reasons Why Epoxy Flooring Is The Best Choice For Your Garage

Durable And Strong

Epoxy flooring is incredibly durable and strong. These floors will stay in great shape for 10 – 20 years and will offer good resistance or protection from various elements like the following.

Stains – These floors form a smooth waterproof seal over the existing porous concrete. This coating acts as a protective barrier so no moisture or oils can be absorbed into the concrete materials. Epoxy is highly resilient and won’t stain even if you spill oil, gasoline, antifreeze, or other chemicals on the floor’s surface.

Enhanced Aesthetics

In these modern times, there is absolutely no reason your garage space cannot be stylish. Epoxy flooring is absolutely stunning with its smooth appearance and shiny luster. This coating is bound to make any space look much cleaner and can make rooms look lighter and bigger. There are also many different style options to choose from when you get these floors installed. With a gorgeous floor, your vehicle and work area will look so much more inviting and you will be much more likely to spend a lot more time working on hobbies and other projects. Not to mention this will add value to your house.


Epoxy coating is quite affordable compared to other garage or industrial flooring solutions. Unlike polished concrete, these floors don’t require days of honing and buffing to install which makes them significantly more affordable. To top it off, these floors also require hardly any maintenance at all which also keeps your costs low.

Quick To Install

With epoxy, you don’t have to worry too much about the inconvenience of the installation. These floors are pretty quick to install and the process isn’t messy at all. Garage flooring projects can take about 3-4 days to install and fully cure after which you can move back in and get back to work. 

Easy To Clean And Care For

These floors with their smooth hard surface won’t absorb any liquids or chemicals that might cause discolouring and there isn’t much that can cling to the smooth surface of these floors. All you really need for keeping these floors in great shape is regular vacuuming or sweeping and mopping. Spills on the floor surface should be easy to wipe away with the help of a mild soap and there is no need to polish these floors. 

If you want to upgrade your garage or install a floor that is easy to maintain and highly durable then you should give BetterSeal a call. These professionals can install a beautiful epoxy floor for you within just a couple of days. 

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