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    Chemical bunds contain the overspills that may come from tanks and other structures that hold chemicals. Due to the nature of these contents, chemical bunds must be entirely sealed and impermeable so that the chemicals do not seep through and potentially cause harm to their surroundings, as these liquids are often hazardous. Like other forms of concrete, however, bund walls often become affected by wear and the inevitable damage that comes with time from environmental and natural factors. When this occurs, the bund is susceptible to allowing the leakage of its contents.

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    At Better Seal, we specialise in designing a protective coating for chemical bunds, bunded fuel tanks, bund walls, and much more. These coatings are 100% waterproof and are built to stand harsh chemicals, toxic materials, and the environmental factors that chemical bunds are typically exposed to. Once these are repaired with our protective coating, we guarantee that they will be stronger than ever, keeping all of the contents safe from spillage.

    If you utilise structures such as bunded diesel tanks, or any other type of chemical storage bunds, it is imperative that they are repaired or protected with the right coating. At Better seal, we have qualified experts, tools, and techniques to assist with coating for bunding in Melbourne.

    You may contact us by giving us a call, or requesting a free quote through our website. One of our team members will be glad to answer your questions and requests regarding protective coatings for chemical bunds!