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Braeside Epoxy Floor Coatings

If you’re looking for a durable flooring solution in the Braeside area, look no further than Betterseals’ epoxy coatings. Produced by chemically reacting two compounds to form a mechanically stable hardened surface, epoxies are ideal for high traffic areas. The chemical make-up of an epoxy can be altered to suit a client’s requirements for slip-resistance, elasticity and colour, making it a very versatile flooring solution. Epoxies are suitable for warehouses, showrooms and many businesses uses, but are also great for residential purposes such as in bathrooms, basements and kitchens.  If you’re considering installing an epoxy in your home or business, contact Betterseal to find out more about this highly resistant flooring which can be tailored to your requirements.

Concrete Repair Braeside

At Betterseal we can repair all damaged concrete in the Braeside area, from cracks to spalled joints and epoxy injection. With our out-of-hours service, your business will suffer the least possible disruption as our tradespeople have both the knowledge and experience to get the job done efficiently. We work with many industries including automotive, food processing and metalworking, always providing a quality service. Betterseal only employ tradespeople with the necessary experience and qualifications to do the job right, so you can be confident in our level of service. If you have a concrete floor in need of repair or resurfacing, drop a line to Betterseal and let’s discuss your options.

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